sojournersSojourner’s: “a fascinating documentary. It is bound to enlighten and guide viewers through some of the more literal beliefs about the apocalypse, and how society continues to view the end times as a way of expressing themselves through philosophy and social movements.” – Read Full Review


cc_logoChristian Century: “At the end of his film, Piestrup leaves us with no one to hate, just another episode in the strange saga that is apocalyptic America.” – Read Full Review


cc_logo“This documentary is a stunning piece of work… Piestrup interviewed Camping one last time, a year after his failed prediction. That interview alone is worth the price of admission.”” – Read Full Review


B is for Best: “With cinematography that was sure handed and crisp enough that it could pass for a major motion picture, a truly open minded and respectful approach to the subject matter, and brilliant use of interviews and news clips, APOCALYPSE LATER was one of those rare documentaries that was not only informative but entertaining as well.” – Read Full Review



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